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SHDO live
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The music… Hypnotic trip, ethereal travel, to the unusual, to the absurd, to the inexistent to the eyes, to the never.

Super Happy Day Out is a Synthwave music project by Brazilian composer Sérgio Oliveira. He uses synthesizers, drum machines and chiptunes. Musically, the project combines vintage and video game sounds with modern elements and genres, especially new wave, classical music, rock and electronic music. The Synthwave genre is also explored, also known as Retrowave and for the visuals Outrun and also the chipbreak genre.

Super Happy Day Out makes us wonder what’s out there? In the nature? What’s after life? What’s outside our mind? Is the super happy day beyond our reach? Is it permanent?


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The game is in everything. Holty


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The Game On You

The Game On You

  • 01. The Opening Theme
  • 02. Human Project
  • 03. Why Universe
  • 04. Irony of Fate
  • 05. Get Ready
  • 06. Adventures Machine
  • 07. The Game on You
  • 08. Cold Sense Dopamine
  • 09. Simulacrum
  • 10. Synchronicity

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The front cover is composed of two phrases The Game On You, one inverse to the other, meaning a parallelism between universes.

Learn about each song of the album in the next slides.

The Opening Theme

The Opening Theme

Many people are stuck in a game. Dissatisfaction with life is not a phase that will pass, but a permanent state. Get to know the game that acts on you and then wake up. Know thyself.

On this track the presentation of The Game On You environment begins, where you can see synthesizers play alongside the orchestra.

Human Project

Human Project

We are creating a being. We are not our mind, our mind is the only one that dies but wants to have a life of its own.

What are we doing here? Our mind influenced, shared, imagined by everyone. Manifested at every step of time of an incredible miracle called life. Co-creating the history of the universe. Thank you for being here at the same time as me, in this life, sharing the Earth, co-creating and participating in the paths of life.

Why Universe

Why Universe

The void is the space between our false self and our true self, so the void is impossible to fill when we are far from who we really are. We are not our mind, and our mind creates countless characters of ourselves to escape pain.

Irony of Fate front

Irony Of Fate

If you have a destination then you are not free, but you don’t have to worry about having a destination or knowing its purpose, after all, if you have a destination you will reach the destination one way or another. But if you don’t have a destiny then you are free.

Get Ready! front

Get Ready

How are you feeling? Are you ready to face your self-imposed destiny? Can you feel the anxiety? But isn’t what imposed on you things of society? Ideas formed before you were born want you: Get ready!

Adventures Machine

Adventures Machine

Our mind, our amusement park, our Adventure Machine. Nothing is done without imagination. There is no desire without our mind having first imagined it. But there is a danger, the mind can control us if we let it. Or it can still be controlled by other people.

The track Adventures Machine brings the magic of games into a dance hit with many classic game sounds, reminiscent of a nostalgic magical adventure.

The Game On You

The Game On You

Every day we put ourselves on trial and put our performance to the test. So some days we win and some days we lose. The search is incessant, it is infinite, and this distance between what we seek and what we are is called VOID. Every day we show ourselves to others in order to receive the opposite opinion of what we feel: void. Understanding this mechanism is the key to getting out of this game. Feel the beauty of now.

Cold Sense Dopamine

Cold Sense Dopamine

We often give too much of ourselves because we are tied to a passion. Whether in love or work, we forget about ourselves imagining the future that never arrives. In love we create a mental copy of the desired being and we start to love it, placing all our expectations and characteristics that we desire in it and forgetting to see it in reality. It really means not feeling sorry for what will happen to ourselves in the future, moving towards a destructive path. Pure passion.



Human beings are replacing reality with symbols and more and more the virtual world interferes with reality, materializing itself. The virtual world is very similar to the world of our mind, however, collective, the expression of a collective unconscious is increasingly present in the virtual world.

Humanity has exchanged many real things for symbols. We live in the World and on the Planet sametime.

The Planet is something physical, real, palpable.

The World is something virtual, mental, which is a copy of some aspects of reality necessary for us to live. And so we mix the real with the imagination and we assume many things that are not real and we also create many things that are not real, that only make sense in our mind and the more we are unconscious to all these imaginations and desires the greater the simulacrum is.

So the Sun’s rays passing between the leaves of a tree is something physical, real, that you can feel, but saying that it is beautiful and wonderful is something mental.

Many brands/products use these concepts in their advertisements to sell you happiness that is not true. For example, telling you how happy you are drinking soda in a world where it doesn’t harm your health.



It is about a causal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena. The word synchronicity comes from the Greek “syn” (together) and “chronos” (time). Synchronicity is a concept developed by Carl Gustav Jung to define events that are related not by a causal relationship but by a meaning relationship.

So two people can meet in a certain place because they both have in common some issue that led them to this same place. They are there, not by chance, but because they have some meaning.

And with all the simulacrum taking place, symbols and references for classification and organization are not lacking, facilitating the grouping of people, ideas and ideals, increasingly feeding the simulacrum. Creating an immense game that we all play unconsciously, where the villain and challenges are generated by our level of clustered unconsciousness.

Then if you arrived until here, which phenomena are involved on this? =) Syncro n’ city!

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