The universe is an unfinished shout.
You live, but you don’t know the reason.
If there is no reason then…
There is free will.
If you have a reason, then you have a destiny.
If have a destiny, you aren’t free
Is there a game?
With yourself and with all the others?

Inside yourself there is an entire world waiting to be explored.
Inside yourself are the answers for you life.
While you don’t find this wonder world you are a slave, an Ego’s slave.
You are always controled and you cry.
Your life is like a program then you have to keep and perform. Is it a destiny?
Here you are an actor, there is an illusion and you play all the time.
The world is your big stage.

You have only five senses.

The Game is on You.

Are ou ready for play?

New concept album, coming soon.